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Courtland Allen | Indie Hackers

"I was spending countless hours making tedious edits every time I wanted to release a new episode. I wasn't getting other work done because I was spending so much time on my podcast"


Daniel Loria | Boxoffice Podcast

"The Record Edit Podcast team has been there every step of the way with us, from developing content, to figuring out when to schedule new episodes, even to meeting those very tight deadlines that we're used to coming from the print journalism world."

Noah Labhart | Code Story

"We were looking for an editor, I knew I needed someone who not only knew what they were doing, but had a track record for success. I didn't have to hold their hand at all... they held mine. Bradley and his team know their stuff, I felt completely taken care of."


Joe Howard | WPMRR Podcast

"To be able to put a great podcast out there and only have to do the work of creating the content, then have it magically published to all the podcast places, YouTube, ect - it's a no brainer for me."

Andy Qin | Business Logic

"My podcast went from sounding like it was recorded with a potato to sounding like NPR, and I didn't even need any special equipment. Now I can focus on the things I actually want to do, like finding excellent guests and producing the best content that I can."


Hayden Hillier-Smith | Filmmaker

"I'm not even kidding, starting from 'Oh crap, everything I filmed sounds awful... Hey Brad, how are you doing? I would love your help!' And in a couple of days, the sound I recorded was the best I ever heard."

William Candillon | YouTuber

"There's the quality of content... and the quality of production - which was always a struggle and a topic I spent dozens & dozens of hours researching without getting anywhere. I can easily say working with Brad has been the single biggest improvement to the quality of my videos."


Matt Slayer | Host of And Now We Drink (has been podcasting for over 3+ years)

Matt is an experienced Podcaster with over 150+ episodes under his belt.

He's confident in his production skills, but as someone always looking for new ways to improve his show he was still curious enough to see if there was anything he was missing.

Here's what he had to say about our courses...

Sam Jae | Podcast Studio Manager (video producer for 9+ years)

Sam is an experienced videographer who's recorded and edited both audio and video for numerous YouTubers & Influencers, for YEARS.

Here's what he had to say after taking our courses...


Riley Moore | Host of The Moore You Know Podcast

Riley is the host of The Moore You Know Podcast and founder/CEO of CrowdQuestion, a platform for connecting to audiences through interactive questionnaires.

Dan Morris | Director at Podcast Magazine

In addition to Podcast Magazine, Dan also heads marketing at where he sees 100's of podcast courses per year, this is what he had to say about ours

Enmanuel Maestre | Podcast Editor

Media student turned professional podcast editor, Enmanuel took the skills he learned at REP and got enough freelance work to make a full-time living in podcast production! Proud of you :)

Marc Yellin | Podcast Producer

Here's what Marc had to say after taking our Edit FASTER course. He's a fellow LA based podcast producer, and apparently, we have a mutual friend so I'm looking forward to the day we can all get together over some drinks!

Gabe Howard | Host of Psych Central Podcast

This was Gabe's reaction after his editor took our Edit FASTER course! He's an award-winning speaker, author, and podcast host. He hosts the Psych Central Podcast and is the author of Mental Illness is an Asshole – and Other Observations.