3 Reasons why you should wear headphones while recording your podcast

To headphones, or not to headphones...that is the question...

Here’s 3 reasons why you should at least consider wearing headphones during your podcast.

1 - Technique

This first reason is more for your guests than it is for you, but I’ve seen hosts struggle with this too. Most podcasts are an hour long and so it’s hard to sit still for that long.

A few minutes in, what usually ends up happening is people begin fidgeting around in their chairs or sit back to get comfortable. Next thing you know they’re a foot away from the microphone!

Wearing headphones helps you monitor yourself (or guests!) to gauge whether or not you’re getting too close or too far away from the mic.

2 - Troubleshooting

The last thing you want to do is record a 3hr long podcast extravaganza session only to realize in post-production that you had your desk fan pointed directly into your microphone and there was a really loud buzzing sound you didn’t know about.

Literally the worst possible feeling a podcaster can have, I’ve done it too!

Don’t worry, wear headphones instead.

3 - Focus

If you don’t mind the sound of your own voice (we all hate our own voices, it’s something you just gotta get used to) headphones can be a great way to really lose yourself to all the twists and turns of a conversation.

There’s something about disconnecting from all your other senses and focusing only on the conversation that can really help laser in your focus and keep you thoroughly engaged throughout your entire session.

Give headphones a try! At first you might think it feels weird, but I promise it’s just like doing anything else for the first time it’s always a little weird at first and that’s okay. Once you get in the flow you’ll take them bad boys off at the end and think to yourself: “Wow, what a great conversation!”

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Until next time, Happy Podcasting!
~ @bradleydenham


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