Incoming Podcast Advertising Boom, Podcast Villains, and Spotify’s Redemption | Podcasting News

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Podcast advertising cracked $1,000,000,000 spend this year, how much will be spent next year & the next decade?

What We Discuss in today’s news:

00:00 Introduction

00:32 Triton Digital’s New Report

01:05 iOS 15 Release

01:31 Spotify’s Continued Growth

02:09 YouTube’s First Podcast and new Analytics

02:38 You Need a Villain

03:09 WARC’s Advertising Report

03:43 This Week’s Events

In this episode of the Record Edit Podcast, Dustin Knouse breaks down the news of the week. From listener rates to new analytics you should be paying attention to, to the incoming advertising boom. Be sure to download this episode, and follow us so you stay up to date on the most current events in the podcasting industry.

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