Becoming a Celebrity Podcast Producer & How to Write Cold Emails That Actually Book Guests (Richelle Meiss | Walk You Out)

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Richelle Meiss (@reeshmeese) is a podcast producer & former co-host of The Viall Files, she parlayed her experience and time on Nick’s show to create her own bachelor recap show with Johnno Wilson, called Walk You Out, and recently signed with a network. Congrats, Richelle!

What We Discuss with Richelle Meiss:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:20 Why did you start podcasting?
  • 02:55 Joining the Viall Files team 
  • 08:47 The biggest and proudest podcast achievement
  • 11:45 Get to know the Walk You Out podcast
  • 16:06 Teach your team the little stuff
  • 17:03 Episode distribution   
  • 18:52 Write down your goals and stick to them
  • 20:45 It takes a long time to build listenership
  • 23:00 What’s your favorite cold email stunt?
  • 25:38 Cold email template that works
  • 27:15 Biggest mistakes people make in their pitches 
  • 29:11 How to not annoy people with your follow-ups
  • 32:17 Who’s your moonshot guest?
  • 35:26 If you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs

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In this episode of the Record Edit Podcast, Richelle Meiss dives into her career as a producer and copywriter for The Viall File podcast, the behind the scenes and how her team accommodated new ideas for the show and grew its listenership. Her tips on cold email pitches that work and don’t work when booking guests to help us improve the way we produce our podcasts.

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