How to Repurpose Podcast Clips into 171k+ TikTok Followers (Stefanie Maegan | Broke Girl Therapy)

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Stefanie Maegan (@stefaniemaegan), host Broke Girl Therapy, is a 30 something year old serial dater who has trouble looking for love in Los Angeles. She documents every experience as her form of therapy to help her separate the difference between relationships and situation-ships. 

What We Discuss:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:56 Craziest dating story shared on the podcast
  • 01:56 Why join the podcasting industry?
  • 03:14 Joined Pod People as a producer
  • 04:56 Don’t hesitate to reach out to other shows
  • 06:12 Podcast growth on social media
  • 09:27 Driving TikTok traffic as podcast listeners
  • 13:10 Repurposing old clips
  • 14:03 Prep process for Broke Girl Therapy
  • 16:59 Entertaining questions from listeners
  • 18:54 Recording an episode
  • 20:46 Show editing process
  • 24:22 What works for you, there’s no textbook guide
  • 25:47 Producing shows for Pod People

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In this episode of the Record Edit Podcast, Stefanie talks about how she continuously learns the ins and outs of podcasting, how she started with no experience up to gaining recognition for what she does, figuring out TikTok and YouTube algorithms, and helping people find jobs through the shows she produces.  

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