Podcasting Your Way Out of $100k+ in Student Loan Debt (It's The Bearded Man | Bobby Hobert)

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Bobby Hobert (@bobbbaaaay) aka The Bearded Man is 26 years young from Chicopee, Massachusetts now living in Los Angeles, CA. After graduating college from Bentley University of May 2016, “Bobbbaaaay” was unsure of what he wanted to do next. He launched and hosted “Purpose in the Youth Podcast" where he began documenting the stories of passionate people. 

What We Discuss:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:43 The story of the crying woman in the cab
  • 04:27 Being an extrovert and driving Uber
  • 05:47 Podcaster by day, Uber driver by night
  • 08:21 Why start It’s The Bearded Man podcast?
  • 13:46 What causes a burnout and how to overcome it
  • 17:00 A success story always has a burnout phase
  • 19:10 What’s the difference between stress and burnout?
  • 20:13 Hold yourself accountable to consistently show up
  • 23:47 Selecting a topic for Solo episodes
  • 25:53 When a topic resonates with the audience
  • 29:15 What does it look like behind the scenes?
  • 31:24 Promoting the show
  • 36:18 Getting the audience more involved in the podcast
  • 37:29 Outsourcing would create more space and time
  • 40:45 Who’s your moonshot guest?
  • 45:59 Look for Bobby online!  

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In this episode of the Record Edit Podcast, Bobby shares his journey in the podcasting industry, how he juggled between being an Uber driver and podcasting, retiring from Purpose in the Youth and starting a new podcast, and his process when booking guests and selecting solo topics. 

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