How To Book Better Guests For Your Podcast & Research Them Like a Pro (Jacob Kelly | My Social Life)

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Jacob Kelly (@thejacobkelly) is the owner of JAK Marketing and the host of the My Social Life podcast, where he sits down to learn the stories behind the people on social media.

What We Discuss with Jacob Kelly:

  • 00:00 Why start podcasting?
  • 02:50 Gear and workflow used to produce his show
  • 05:03 Benefits of switching to video content
  • 06:14 Interview approach is heavily based on research
  • 07:36 Prep work process before an interview
  • 11:29 Before podcasting, it was all about digital marketing
  • 13:45 Interviews didn’t lead to direct clients but strengthened connections
  • 15:31 Future plans for the podcast
  • 17:30 Chopping a podcast for channel clip content
  • 18:47 Lesson learned doing over a hundred episodes
  • 21:01 Podcast value other than monetary
  • 22:17 Shorter documentary form of the podcast
  • 24:07 Shoot your shot and see what happens
  • 25:40 Booking the co-founder of Starbucks
  • 26:41 How to land top...
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