Hey, I’m Bradley Denham and welcome to my site! I hope you’re learning a thing or two, but assuming since you’re on our about page you’d like to learn a thing or two about me :)


I’m from a small town in the Midwest called Covington, IN...population 2,500. It’s a magical place where everyone knows everyone else and will give you a friendly wave as cross paths on their winding gravel roads outside the city limits.


But I was always a black sheep, mostly of my own doing but I couldn’t help it. I always dreamt of something bigger and being an academic student I was generally urged to leverage my good grades to go to college upstate. To become a full-blooded Purdue Boilermaker.


I never went to college. Instead I became a student of the internet and fell in love with online courses and listening to those who “made it” speak.


First it was TED talks, I’d download HOURS of TED talks on my school’s chromebook and skip doing my homework to watch them. Because my Dad and I lived in the country we also heated with firewood and let me tell you, cutting wood is just like it is in the movies.




I used to listen to music while I’d do mindless tasks like cutting firewood, or doing dishes (I now have a dishwasher!) but then one day I learned what podcasts were and never turned back.


It made all those boring, yet necessary tasks much more enjoyable and felt productive. I was learning new ideas, being exposed to new ways of life, and most importantly unconsciously laying the foundation for the future of college-free career.


(If you can’t tell by now, I’m one of those guys that thinks college is outrageously over-priced and a complete waste of time for those who don’t have to obtain a license through education to do their jobs. Arts, music, media, college is a complete waste for them)


At this point, I didn’t know my future would be in podcast production but funny enough I was developing the needed skills in the background. I was producing any musical artist I could find out of my dad’s kitchen from our spare bedroom home studio. At one point, I had a whole metal band tracking guitar and drums in my kitchen.


And to make a long story short, emergency circumstances forced me to commit to a career path. Being in small town Indiana my traditional choices were: Farmer...or Factory Worker...or Retail, but thankfully being a non-traditional guy I opted for digital freelancer.


I battled for a big trying to secure a foothold on what I’d do with my time, beating my head against the wall trying to earn a living from the music industry, until one day I was listening to a podcast and realized…


”This episode sounds TERRIBLE, I can make this sound WAY better.”


I repeated to myself, I can make this better. I can improve the way this sounds, things could be edited out to make it sound more professional, I’ve got ideas to make the content better, I’m onto something.


With the speed of light I began pitching TONS of people on my services until I landed my first client, until I landed my second, my third, then after months of getting sick of emailing dozens of people mostly getting told “no” I had another breakthrough....


Who needs podcast producers the most?




I shifted my focus to pitching networks, then 22 follow up emails later I landed a remote job with Kast Media.


1 year later I was offered a full-time job and to help build our Hollywood podcast studio.


I left everything behind for a startup of only a handful of people.


1 year after that, I’m now the head of audio production at Kast Media.


Now my next big project is to give you the tools to create your own podcast journey.


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