Debunking Podcast Growth Myths & Why Most Podcasts Fail (Record Edit Roundtable)

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Record Edit Podcast Founder, Bradley Denham (@bradleydenham), Dustin Knouse (@dustinknouse), VP of Creative, and Brendan Woolwine (@brendan_woolwine), the Head Editor, tackle the most commonly asked podcasting questions in our very first Roundtable discussion. 

What We Discuss:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:08 Can you make money with your podcast?
  • 04:44 Why do some podcasts have seasons?
  • 06:14 Build that habit in your listeners
  • 08:24 What is the ideal podcast length?
  • 10:40 The format that keeps listeners engaged
  • 12:25 The next big thing in podcasts is talking back
  • 15:04 What’s the best podcast microphone to use?
  • 18:58 Transcripts don't help you with Google and SEO
  • 22:40 Spend time on your headlines
  • 24:13 Structuring your podcast episode
  • 27:32 Incorporate an opposing view in your show
  • 28:39 Why do most podcasts fail?
  • 31:15 You should be having fun when you record your shows
  • 34:05 The key to creativity is restraint
  • 35:12 Should my show be on YouTube?
  • 38:58 Discoverability remains the biggest podcast roadblock
  • 40:49 Soak up on the watch time on YouTube
  • 41:50 Long-form and short-form audiences are too different
  • 44:12 Solo-based versus interview-based show

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Some of the interesting questions answered include what’s the best podcasting format and structure that will keep listeners engaged, the ideal show length and the best mic to use, how transcripts are a thing of the past, and YouTube’s latest algorithm for short-form and long-form content.

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