Debunking Podcast Growth Myths & Why Most Podcasts Fail (Record Edit Roundtable)

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Record Edit Podcast Founder, Bradley Denham (@bradleydenham), Dustin Knouse (@dustinknouse), VP of Creative, and Brendan Woolwine (@brendan_woolwine), the Head Editor, tackle the most commonly asked podcasting questions in our very first Roundtable discussion. 

What We Discuss:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:08 Can you make money with your podcast?
  • 04:44 Why do some podcasts have seasons?
  • 06:14 Build that habit in your listeners
  • 08:24 What is the ideal podcast length?
  • 10:40 The format that keeps listeners engaged
  • 12:25 The next big thing in podcasts is talking back
  • 15:04 What’s the best podcast microphone to use?
  • 18:58 Transcripts don't help you with Google and SEO
  • 22:40 Spend time on your headlines
  • 24:13 Structuring your podcast episode
  • 27:32 Incorporate an opposing view in your show
  • 28:39 Why do most podcasts fail?
  • 31:15 You should be having fun when you record your shows
  • 34:05 The key to...
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