How Podcasts Are Changing Journalism & Storytelling Secrets of a 100-Year-Old Brand (Daniel Loria | Boxoffice Podcast)

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Daniel Loria (@danyloria) is the SVP of Content Strategy & Editorial Director at Boxoffice Media, and the co-host of the weekly Boxoffice Podcast.

What We Discuss:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:47 Journalism and joining Boxoffice Media
  • 02:02 Digital media in your platform
  • 06:08 Print versus digital format
  • 13:30 Podcasts emerging as a real contender to AM talk radio
  • 15:25 The advantage of having an existing audience
  • 18:09 What sets podcasting from news reporting
  • 23:23 Episode consistency is an achievement 
  • 28:47 Discussing one episode to the next
  • 34:13 Promoting the Boxoffice podcast
  • 37:23 Packaging the podcast, newsletter, and website
  • 41:16 Be in a position where the show becomes an on-demand destination

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In this episode of the Record Edit Podcast, Daniel opens up about the importance of consistency in any media field; print, radio, TV, and even in podcasting. The best way to grow your audience and keep them engaged is to produce quality content on time, to give the audience easily consumable news bites that they can digest on the go.    

Episode Resources:

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