Heavyweight Goes Exclusive On Spotify As Joe Rogan Knocked Out Of #1 Spot & New Tech You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Joe Rogan leaves the top spot on Spotify! 

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What We Discuss in today’s news:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:08 Heavyweights goes exclusive, Joe Rogan knocked out of Spotify's #1 spot
  • 01:29 Transistor's poll on the most used podcast player
  • 02:02 Radio Tech Survey on public radio fans listening to podcasts
  • 02:22 Shure released the MV7x
  • 03:05 Podcast of the Week: Only Murders in the Building Podcast

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In this episode of the Record Edit Podcast, Dustin Knouse brings us some of the latest news in the podcasting industry - Spotify lands another exclusivity deal with Heavyweight while gaining momentum as the most preferred podcast player, more radio fans are now listening to podcasts weekly, and the most recent review on the best...

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How to Grow Your Podcast Audience By Getting in Front of More Ideal Listeners (Dan R Morris | Tracing the Past)

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Dan Morris (@DanRMorris) is the Category Director at Podcast Magazine and hosts the Tracing the Past Podcast - a 20th Century history podcast that tells the interconnected stories of the 20th Century's people, products, events and ideas. 

What We Discuss with Dan Morris:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:50 The Podcaster's Kit
  • 03:44 Tracing the Path Podcast
  • 13:25 Stories take 4 days of research
  • 17:25 Working on 2 projects for only 4 months a year
  • 25:50 What will make people want to listen to your old episodes?
  • 30:32 The hurdles for podcasters in getting more downloads
  • 37:10 How-To mini series podcast
  • 40:19 How to build an email list
  • 47:46 Engagement isn’t enough, people need to be sharing your content
  • 53:20 Don’t be afraid to be who you are

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