REP #003 - SquadCast on recording remote interviews for professional podcasters


In the past, recording podcasts remotely has been an over-complicated & anxiety-ridden experience...and that’s putting it politely.

That’s where SquadCast comes in.

We talk about some of the common methods of recording remotely, what the best practices are, and how to avoid some of the common issues like audio drift.


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The $500 Professional Podcast Studio (for remote & local recordings)

Podcasting is huge, but the budget for a professional setup doesn’t have to be. Here’s how to build a fully-functional podcast studio with less than $500 that you can use for your own show or even rent out to clients to recoup your investment!


First things first, you’re going to need something to talk into and a way to hold it up.

For that I recommend the Audio Technica ATR2100-USB USB/XLR Microphone with Knox Studio Stand and Pop Filter on Amazon

It’s $89 and you get the ATR2100, USB cable, XLR cable, Pop Filter, and Scissor Stand all for less than $100.

There’s many mic/stand bundles floating around the internet and a lot of misinformation around what kinds of microphones are actually good for podcasting (Blue Yetis suck!) so I’ll do a full product review on the ATR2100 in the future but for now here’s the short story of why it’s the best value per dollar microphone in podcasting:


This is incredible because...

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REP #002 - Colin Thomson on how you can start making money with your podcast today (CEO of Kast Media)

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2019


"People who have time on their hands, watch videos. People who don't have time on their hands, listen to podcasts." - Colin Thomson


In today’s episode: a renegade Roomba terrorizes the studio, we get a visit from a gentle giant (Queenie), and we get down and dirty on the ins-and-outs of podcast monetization.

I’m joined with Colin Thomson, CEO of Kast Media. He shares his story from being the host of a small niche show to founding one of the most influential up and coming networks in the podcast industry.

This conversation is full of actionable tips to help you start making money from your podcast right now. Enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

  • How we met
  • Colin's podcast history & founding KM
  • 3 ways you can monetize your podcast
  • Offering premium subscriptions
  • Why it's tricky to get sponsors under 50k downloads per episode
  • Why you may consider joining a podcast network
  • How big a show should be to join a network
  • The typical demo of the average podcast...
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3 Reasons why you should wear headphones while recording your podcast

To headphones, or not to headphones...that is the question...

Here’s 3 reasons why you should at least consider wearing headphones during your podcast.

1 - Technique

This first reason is more for your guests than it is for you, but I’ve seen hosts struggle with this too. Most podcasts are an hour long and so it’s hard to sit still for that long.

A few minutes in, what usually ends up happening is people begin fidgeting around in their chairs or sit back to get comfortable. Next thing you know they’re a foot away from the microphone!

Wearing headphones helps you monitor yourself (or guests!) to gauge whether or not you’re getting too close or too far away from the mic.

2 - Troubleshooting

The last thing you want to do is record a 3hr long podcast extravaganza session only to realize in post-production that you had your desk fan pointed directly into your microphone and there was a really loud buzzing sound you didn’t know about.

Literally the...

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REP #001 - Courtland Allen on growing downloads and community through storytelling

podcast Sep 03, 2019

Courtland and I talk about how we first started working together, what outsourcing production has done to help him build his business & community, and why consistency is the key to growing your podcast (and not just in the way you’d expect)



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