Becoming a Celebrity Podcast Producer & How to Write Cold Emails That Actually Book Guests (Richelle Meiss | Walk You Out)

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Richelle Meiss (@reeshmeese) is a podcast producer & former co-host of The Viall Files, she parlayed her experience and time on Nick’s show to create her own bachelor recap show with Johnno Wilson, called Walk You Out, and recently signed with a network. Congrats, Richelle!

What We Discuss with Richelle Meiss:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:20 Why did you start podcasting?
  • 02:55 Joining the Viall Files team 
  • 08:47 The biggest and proudest podcast achievement
  • 11:45 Get to know the Walk You Out podcast
  • 16:06 Teach your team the little stuff
  • 17:03 Episode distribution   
  • 18:52 Write down your goals and stick to them
  • 20:45 It takes a long time to build listenership
  • 23:00 What’s your favorite cold email stunt?
  • 25:38 Cold email template that works
  • 27:15 Biggest mistakes people make in their pitches 
  • 29:11 How to not annoy people with your follow-ups
  • 32:17 Who’s...
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Podcast Tips & Tricks from 10+ Years of Podcasting Full-Time (Justin McElroy | MBMBAM)

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Justin McElroy (@JustinMcElroy), together with his brothers Travis and Griffin and their dad Clint, combine forces for a campaign of high adventure in The Adventure Zone

What We Discuss with Justin McElroy:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:31 What kept Justin McElroy busy before podcasting
  • 06:12 Doing it for the 13 years
  • 09:14 Running The Adventure Zone show is mostly improvised
  • 14:46 Tools used to edit the episodes
  • 18:47 For promotion, ask the audience to help grow the show 
  • 27:20 The rhythms you develop with your co-host
  • 30:42 Writing the book aims to help people
  • 33:10 Some of the biggest mistakes when you first started out
  • 35:47 Diversity in a family podcast remains a challenge
  • 39:50 Think about a guest that would really serve the show  

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How To Book Better Guests For Your Podcast & Research Them Like a Pro (Jacob Kelly | My Social Life)

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Jacob Kelly (@thejacobkelly) is the owner of JAK Marketing and the host of the My Social Life podcast, where he sits down to learn the stories behind the people on social media.

What We Discuss with Jacob Kelly:

  • 00:00 Why start podcasting?
  • 02:50 Gear and workflow used to produce his show
  • 05:03 Benefits of switching to video content
  • 06:14 Interview approach is heavily based on research
  • 07:36 Prep work process before an interview
  • 11:29 Before podcasting, it was all about digital marketing
  • 13:45 Interviews didn’t lead to direct clients but strengthened connections
  • 15:31 Future plans for the podcast
  • 17:30 Chopping a podcast for channel clip content
  • 18:47 Lesson learned doing over a hundred episodes
  • 21:01 Podcast value other than monetary
  • 22:17 Shorter documentary form of the podcast
  • 24:07 Shoot your shot and see what happens
  • 25:40 Booking the co-founder of Starbucks
  • 26:41 How to land top...
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